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Welcome to my blog Delicious Spanish Food. I am Marta Morlán pharmaceutical, nutritionist, food lover and passionate about photography.

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I live in a small village in La Mancha, Corral de Almaguer, which could be the cradle of Don Quixote according to some theories. When living in a rual zone I want my recipes to be simple with ingredients available to all, so that we do not have to do a master in products and travel to the gourmet section of the department stores.

I have been practicing as a pharmacist for many years and online since 2007 at the head of If you need any cremita do not hesitate to visit us. After 10 years on the web I feel like trying something new and creative so I’m starting in this exciting world of blogging.

With this blog I want to pay homage to the great unknown Spanish food at an international level, so all the recipes are translated into English. By the way, writing is not my forte, I hope to overcome this lack and that you forgive me when I do not meet expectations. I’ll try to make it up to you with the photos.

I’ll introduce you to the different sections that our blog will have.


We will make traditional recipes and use one of our favorite appliances, Thermomix. Today life is very fast and we like to eat well but we do not have time for it. With the Thermomix you will save a lot of time and lots of dirty in the kitchen and on top comes out great. Also the quick cooker is another of our star appliances.

I have traveled and lived out time and it has always surprised me that Spanish cuisine is a great unknown internationally. Outside our borders the most savvy know what the paella is, the tapas (but I do not know how to say any, as much as the tortilla) and if you ask for something more is over, no idea. Even people who have summered in Spain hardly know it. Incredible but true, the Spanish with one of the most varied and tasty cuisines in the world is a great secret that we have well kept for ourselves.

In our house in recent years we have had foreign students so our daughter learns languages ​​and this reality is confirmed. Almost all fall in love with a kitchen that until now was unknown. I was shocked at the response of one of them to whom I asked a few days before leaving what was the Spanish dish that he liked the most and he replied: «Until now I ate of necessity without more. In Spain I have learned to savor and enjoy with food. «So, in this way and through this blog I would like to contribute my little bit of sand to let the world know our wonderful culinary tradition.

I also want to gather information on Spanish products such as cheese, oil and ham and at the same time learn more about them.


My other great hobby is photography. I acknowledge that I had never photographed food I started recently but I am discovering this world by forced steps. In this section I will tell you my experience with this new subject.

Before I was one of those who thought that I would never make a photo with a phone, by God that vulgarity. But you can never say of this water I will not drink because since I started using the iphone 5 I have not touched my old camera again. It is true that it has its limitations but I think that always having the possibility of having it with you weighing 170g is a lujazo that makes up for it. I am one of those who thinks that a camera helps but is not the most important thing in photography. Although you can not open or close the aperture, change the shutter speed, or zoom (I do the manual move forward and backward J) you can have a series of techniques and apps that can solve these problems. And remember that the most important thing is not the camera but who pushes the trigger. I’m looking forward to try the iphone 7 plus that also has the 28mm wide angle a second 52mm lens and I will tell you and also has a new depth of field effect that will surely reduce some of the technical glitches and distortions that were only correctable through apps .


Setting the table is something that fascinates me, when I’m in a ZaraHome type store I would take everything. On sale I can spend 5 hours watching dishes, tablecloths and glasses. So I guess now with this blog I will have the perfect excuse to buy. Another of my sections will be devoted to teaching the latest trends at the table because food is also influenced by the surrounding environment.


This section is very bold, but I am going to copy from the Americans and we are going to put the monthly profits or losses of our blog. At first they will be negative of course, but I hope that over time and through advertising, affiliate programs, etc. can stand on its own, because every effort needs a reward to continue and do not tell me you are not willing to gossip if something is gained With a blog or if all you do is invest time and effort. We’ll see if we can get it right.

I think I have already rolled too much and if someone has reached this last line I am grateful for it enormously. I hope you like it and that you visit us assiduously.

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